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The Fenway Park scoreboard gave The Captain some serious RE2PECT today.


The Fenway Park scoreboard gave The Captain some serious RE2PECT today.

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Chasing Autumn away for a couple more days.



Fifty thousand Hong Kong residents (the equivalent of 3 million Americans) have taken to the streets to protest the democracy that we have too. We should stand with them. This was the focus of my Zeitgeist talk early in the month (linked above). It was the subject of the talk Time wrote…


Goodbye, Captain.

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Winter Is Coming. 

You can’t expect an investment strategy that relies solely on future prospects to continue without end.

Even Jesus gets hangovers in Cancun.


I carry my grandfathers with me today.  The pocket watch belonged to my father’s father.  He was a farmer and worked for years in the Fischer Body Assembly Plant in Lansing.  The little car on the watch face was the plant emblem.  The money clip belonged to my mother’s father.  He was a World War II army vet and salesman.  I knew these men mainly through stories told by my family.  But I also know them because I see the strength related in those stories in my parents and in me.

Today is a testament to my blood.  My genes.  My Ancient Ones.

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The Audience Has an Audience: Kevin Slavin & Kenyatta Cheese 

This is the future of media. It really is. I got chills watching this. 

(Future of StoryTelling 2013) (by Charles Melcher)

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Marta and I have a game that we play when we’re in the car. Whenever we see one of these license plates, one of us asks, “Is it a white guy?” And so far the answer has always been “Yes”. Not saying there’s nothing to complain about but it always a white guy - just saying.

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