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Amy Poehler as Kaitlin



Uh oh. Anyone have a 486 DX/25 with *at least* 4 MB of RAM I can borrow?!

Tim Laxton, owner of Early Bird Biscuit Co., mixing up a batch of Bacon Chipotle Biscuits this morning.



Club Nintendo’s platinum/gold prizes are game downloads ⊟

Yeah, this year’s Elite gifts from North American Club Nintendo are not exclusive physical goods like they were in previous years – Mario hats, figurines, etc. They’re not even the old standby calendar. 

Instead, this year you can select one of 16 Wii U or 3DS games as a free download, ranging from full retail games (like Game & Wario) to fucking Ice Climber.

Club Nintendo has gone down while I was writing this post, but you can get the reward here when it comes back up. Though I like my Club Nintendo Mario hat and all, I’m not hating on a free copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.


Well this sucks.

I’m so fancy, but you already know.

It’s not that email is broken or productivity tools all suck; it’s just that culture changes. People make email clients or to-do list apps in the same way that theater companies perform Shakespeare plays in modern dress. “Email” is our Hamlet. “To-do apps” are our Tempest.

The developer raises up the great sword of technology and brings it down upon the plinth of culture—and the sword shatters. But never mind; we can go back to the forge to make a bigger, better sword for retina displays. And as we craft it we whisper that eternal prayer for the comfort of list-makers: This time will be different.

Doomed to Repeat It — Paul Ford — Medium (via matthew)

This is the best part of life. Break it apart and make something different. Try try again with glee.

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Every day is a struggle.

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This happens about 11pm each night. #cats


at my work some guy used the 3D printer to print off the success kid meme omg hahahahaha

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